Wasps regularly choose to build their nests in and on properties, which can be a real issue, especially if there are children around. CRC Pest Control can quickly and thoroughly rid you of these stinging pests. Find out more about our fixed price wasp nest removal service.


While moths can look beautiful, many are considered pests because they can damage clothes, carpets and other materials in the home. CRC Pest Control can solve your problems quickly and safely and we can advise on how to keep moths at bay in future as well. Get in touch today to get a no obligation quote.


Fleas are unwelcome visitors that generally hitch a free ride into the house with pets. CRC Pest Control can fumigate your property but you should also treat your pet, as flea infestations can reoccur over time. If you require further advice, we are pleased to offer excellent aftercare services.


Beds should be a place of rest and recuperation but a bed bug infestation means your beauty sleep will probably be interrupted. Bed bugs can quickly multiply and also leave nasty, irritating bites so fumigating as soon as possible is important. CRC Pest Control are experienced in domestic and commercial fumigation.


Although usually harmless in the garden, ants can sometimes venture inside. They leave scent trails, which unfortunately means there is never just a single ant and it can be very hard to stop them gaining entry. If you are experiencing issues with ants, CRC Pest Control offer thorough fumigation services that will help.


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