Wasp Nest Removal

In Newmarket

CRC Pest Control have been completing wasp nest removal in Newmarket for a number of years. We have over a hundred clients in the area who rave about our wasp nest removal service, taking their time to recommend us to their friends and family. 

Wasps can cause extremely painful stings that can cause allergic reactions and so it is vital to have professionals deal with them in the correct way.

Our team has undergone the best training, has years of experience and all of the best tools and equipment to quickly and safely removing wasp nests.

An Interesting Note About Wasp Nest Removal

Something that a lot of pest control companies will not tell you is that many wasp nests cannot actually be removed because they are in areas that cannot be accessed without considerable construction costs. 

That does not mean that you have to live with wasps though.

Where wasp nest removal isn't a viable option, we will carry out wasp extermination in a controlled manor. This will still ultimately give you the same end results - No more wasps!

Choosing CRC Pest Control for your Wasp Nest Removal in Newmarket

As a family owned and operated business we understand and appreciate the importance of keeping your family safe. With this in mind we always aim to offer an extremely quick response. 

Give us a call on 07909 520 592 to arrange a visit from our expert team. 




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